Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saving Memories

I am SO not a scrapbook person.  Not a saver, not crafty, not organized, nothing that goes into scrapbooking is my thing.  And the shrill insistance of the adoption parenting books about your child's "lifebook" just adds to the insecurity.  How to create a way to for my child to remember things I didn't experience with her, when I can't even do that good a job of documenting the things I can?

Beyond my intense aversion to to anything involving fancy scissors and glitter pens (when I had a classroom, I was widely known as "the world's least crafty preschool teacher"), part of the reason that I'm not drawn to "scrapping" is that I'm not a visual thinker, and I don't need visual cues to remember things that happened.  I have an EXTREMELY good memory for information, facts, events, and conversations. I remember pretty much everything that happens to me, and a lot of things that happen to other people, in a silly amount of detail.  (Note: this is not the same thing as being able to remember what I wanted to get at the grocery store, or even in the next room).

But since friends keep warning me about the onset of "mommy brain," I don't want to count on the fact that I'll remember all the details of this experience.  And  I will want to remember them, and share them with Grace some day.  And if someone else stumbles across this blog and enjoys it or benefits from it as I have from so many others, so much the better! 

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