Saturday, March 3, 2012

A few pictures from Hohhot!

Shopping for interesting Chinese snacks in the grocery store near the hotel.

I think there was a butcher counter in the back corner

The street outside our hotel at night.

Our dinner the first night in Hohhot.  The menu had English, but the staff didn't.   The food was pretty good, including the "American Biscuits" which we just had to order to find out if they were rolls or cookies (they were cookies).

Pleasant Goat!  And, I think, off-brand teletubbies.

Hohhot street scene.
Shopping for clothes to donate to the orphanage.
     Eating Mongolian Hot Pot in a local restaurant with help from our guide, Aggie.  The tall tower (heating element) and pot of boiling water is placed in the center of the table.  The staff added herbs, shrimp, and few other things to flavor the water, then Aggie cooked beef, lamb, winter melon (very good for the lungs, per Aggie), sweet potato, leafy greens, dumplings, and noodles.  She mixed a variety of things together to make a sauce that everything then dipped in.  Yum!

The Inner Mongolia Museum.


  1. What wonderful photos! You are managing to blog fairly often considering that you're a new mom. :)

  2. Hi Marny, You are in the homestretch! Love the pics and that cutie pie looks wonderful. Some messages to make you smile below.

    Hey Marny,

    How is Guangzhou? I know you are sleeping now.How many restaurants have you eaten in yet? Your baby girl is very cute. I will learn to sign, even though I remember some I used to use. I really like your pictures, especially of Gracie. You will have lots of fun now and she will too. Is it warm in Guangzhou and are you going swimming? I didn't like to swim until I came here to CT. I wish you lived closer so Gracie could come here to a playdate. We have lots of toys.

    Love, MG

    Dear Marny, I hope you are having a good time in China and I hope you love your baby. Have a good time in the airplane with your baby. It's my birthday tomorrow and I am going to build a bear today and I am making your baby a build a bear. I think she will like it. I will make a panda so she can hug it when she misses China. But I don't think she will miss China even though I miss it sometimes, but Mary grace says she never misses it because she can't remember it, but I do. I will take care of the build a bear until you come home. Tell your baby to sleep on the plane and they will give her rice if you ask. Tell your baby she will be happy here and when she is bigger she can make a build a bear too, and now she has a mama,

    Love Annie FuYun. I will be 6 tomorrow.

  3. I remember so many of these exact places...oh how I want to go guys look very happy together....thanks for the pictures and the memories!